Joining and Playing


The Bay Area Masquerade is run in Downtown Mountain View, California. The first and last meetings for each gaming session take place in front of the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts, but game site extends from Church Street to West Evelyn Avenue along Castro Street and one block to either side of Castro.

On the first Friday of the summer months, we gather at Toad Hollow in Pioneer Park behind the library due to other events at CPA.

Game usually begins at about 8:00PM, but players should try to show up around 7:15 to deal with all of the pre-game stuff. Things like picking up character sheets, experience expenditure, and the "Listen Up". Listen Up is the time where the staff (Storyteller and Narrators) will call players together to make announcements and discuss certain game related information with the players. Game runs on Friday nights unless otherwise stated in Public Announcements on the forum.

If possible, please show up with a character ready to go and OK'd by staff. If that's not possible, be ready to spend some time with staff or an experienced player creating a concept and character. Please contact staff using the forum for information on OKing a character.

Currently, the best way to get in touch with Staff is to sign up on the forums and send a private message to the Staff group. They will help you get the information you need to build a character. Please use this process to submit your character as well.

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