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Downtime Submission

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What is Downtime?
- Stuff you wanna do during the other 163 hours you aren't at game.

How do I submitt a downtime?
- Send it as a PM to the STAFF account. This will ensure that the entire narration staff receives and can discuss the downtime actions. Please have your Downtimes for the week sent in by no later than 7pm on Wednesday. Narrator meetings take place on Thursday nights and downtimes discussion is a large portion of those meetings. Any Downtime received after the narrator meeting will most likely be pushed to the following week.

What can I do in downtime?
- Typically it is three major actions that you are working on for your character. A Primary, Secondary and Tertiary action. List what you are trying to do, how you are doing it, and what abilities, disciplines, merits, cash, influences, ect. you are using to accomplish that goal.


Primary action: RJ is going out to find cocaine and hookers (don't laugh he's a record producer). He is using his Streetwise (3 dots), and his contacts to find said hookers. He is also using his Street Influence to get said drugs (2 dots). He will be spending X dollars in cash for this transaction.

Sometimes actions may take multiple weeks, like... say opening a business, raising an influence, buying a building, or finding someone that Jerry Goldstein hasn't slept with. When posting this action please post the numbers of weeks you have been working on this.


Secondary Action: Random Tremere with a Mountain name (Let's call him... Pike's Peak) is trying to raise his herd. He currently has 2 dots of herd and he likes to feed off of the blood of the innocent. So he is using his Health influence (5 Dots) to try to steal babies. He's also using his Transportation (5 dots) and Police (3 dots) to make sure that Short Busses full of "special" children go missing without anyone really noticing, or caring.

Temporary changes to this policy may show up on the Staff Announcements board. (such as narrator meeting changes, etc.)
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