Life after death/retirement

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Life after death/retirement

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If you retire a character or your character is killed. You have three options what to do with your next character:

1) Start a normal 7/5/3 character as before

2) Take 30% of the xp from your old character and put it into your new character.

3) Take your total Neeps (spent or unspent) and your unspent xp and put it into your new character.

Why 30%? Because it really isn't that much. A 50 xp character would get 15 xp on their new character. Add in a backstory that can be upwards of 10 xp and you've got a pretty decent character.

Why option 3? Because some character's with high xp counts may have a lot of unspent xp and neeps and it may come out to be slightly more.

Please use normal rounding rules (.5+ => 1, <.5 => 0) when calculating this.
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