Alts and Downtimes

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Alts and Downtimes

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Hey folks! We made an announcement at game long ago about this, but it was just brought to my attention that we never made a post about it.

You may elect to submit downtimes for your alt character while you are playing a different character. It should be noted that these will be subject to Staff approval - for example, you can't attack someone in downtime and then be shelved and thus resistant to reprisals. However, if you want to craft, or grow influences, or similar, that is totally acceptable.

To be clear, you may submit downtimes for either one of your characters - but not both. All downtimes must be for the same character.

Also, generally speaking, you should have an IC reason for why your character is shelved. (And for example, why they are not accessible by phone.) This may limit what you can do during downtime as well.
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