To Purchase Grapevine

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To Purchase Grapevine

Post by Lindsay »

The first two dots of Grapevine are easy to attain. Simply spend an eep at sign in and get your dot.

After your second dot.... Grapevine starts to get harder to get.
In order to get Grapevine 3 or any of the levels thereafter - you need to either 1) have found someone who has a grapevine rating higher than yours who will turn several downtimes in saying that they are assisting you in getting a higher level of grapevine (number of weeks equal to that of the Grapevine level you are trying to achieve) OR 2) you need to get your hands on some gossip SOO good that when you spread it on grapevine those of the more elite levels sit up and take notice of you.

In the case of this second method, pm to Staff the gossip you are claiming as yours that you think deserves to be taken note of.

I realize that this is a rather subjective way of gaining a backgroud, but, by it's very nature - Grapevine is very subjective.
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Re: To Purchase Grapevine

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Added to grapevine rules on the wiki, un-stickied.
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