PM forwarding?

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PM forwarding?

Post by AlexM »

Did something happen that now forwards PMs to the main linked account?
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Re: PM forwarding?

Post by malcolm »

Yes. I'm working on doing UI stuff to allow disabling/enabling of new features, but forwarding is enabled for now.

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Re: PM forwarding?

Post by MikeLG »

Is there any way for a user to turn off PM forwarding?

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Re: PM forwarding?

Post by stegan »

At the moment, not outside of unlinking the accounts... I have to figure out how to modify some of the back-end stuff to make that happen and haven't had the time.

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Re: PM forwarding?

Post by Jane »

Damn, I've been meaning to ask the same question. I really would like to turn this feature off.
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Re: PM forwarding?

Post by LiliaS »

I haven't checked my main account in a while since the character for that is no longer in use, this would however explain why whenever I get an message here I get two emails about it.


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