This hawaii thing

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This hawaii thing

Post by Destreza »

So, if I move to Hawaii it will likely be very sudden. This means many things, but I want to address two of them here.

First, i wont have a lot of time to throw a big gathering and see everyone before I go.

Second, ill have to ship//store/sell/give away all of my stuff very quickly.

As such, I have a plan. There is a fair amount of stuff in my apartment that i never use, and if i stay, my apartment would be cleaner without it anyway. So, i would like to invite all of y'all to see if we can find a good time for you to swing by my place for a chat, and to see if you want any of the stuff I'm getting rid of anyway.

Right now a lot of the stuff is books/dvds i haven't touched in two moves, some clothes/cosumes i never wear, nerf guns i got for gaslight and don't use, some minis and their associated storage bags, etc.

If i do end up leaving, there will be a second much heavier wave of this, as the current plan is to move in a few suitcases, store some stuff in my mother's storage unit, and liquidate the rest. Shipping a lot of stuff to Hawaii is prohibitively expensive.

So, call or pm me, lets hang out.

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