Photo Project, Documenting LARPers

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Photo Project, Documenting LARPers

Post by Mercy »

I've got a documentary project for my photography class. I want to document LARPers. That means I might be spending some time out of game or at least on the side lines with Scotty's camera and tripod. If you don't want to be a part of my project, let me know. When the project is finished I'll be making a book in black and white. I expect to be working on this for the next two games.

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Re: Photo Project, Documenting LARPers

Post by Ted »


I'd like to request that I not be photographed while wearing a turban. Any other time is fine.
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Re: Photo Project, Documenting LARPers

Post by Ralph »

Feel free to take photos of me.
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Re: Photo Project, Documenting LARPers

Post by Paraclete »

The person who plays Cass/Marq Camden asks that NO Photos be taken of him.


(Photos of me are fine.)
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