Chargen Clarification - Out of Clan Disciplines.

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Chargen Clarification - Out of Clan Disciplines.

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Today it was pointed out to me that some of the text in the BNS book could be read 2 different ways. ... isciplines
During character creation you may choose to purchase additional dots of disciplines, both in-clan and out-of-clan. Your character does not need a teacher for these purchases. For out-of-clan disciplines, you are limited to 3 dots, and you may only select common out-of-clan disciplines.
That could be read to either mean:

* You can have a total of 3 dots of out of clan common disciplines
* You can have any number of out of clan common disciplines, each of which you can buy up to 3 dots.

Staff had not even considered the second option - it hadn't occurred to us. We have already ruled for several players that they may only purchase up to a total of 3 levels of out-of-clan disciplines during character generation.

That ruling will stand. I've added text to the wiki page to be more clear on the point.
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