Quick note on skills.

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Quick note on skills.

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Just a quick note to clarify a point on skill uses:

Any time you use one of the features of a skill to affect another character, or to gain information about another character, that is considered to be an "attack" for the purposes of the system.

Of course the target can relent - sometimes they may in fact want you to succeed on your attack. If they do not relent, there is a check.

Let me give an example to be more clear:
Empathy wrote:A character trained in Empathy tends to be educated in fields such as psychology, anthropology, or other aspects of human interaction and culture. Such characters are sensitive to the moods, emotions, and motives of other people, and can identify when someone has mental problems, psychological weaknesses, or buried issues.
System: By speaking briefly with a subject, your character learns whether or not the subject has any derangements. If your character examines her target for a few minutes, she can determine which derangement(s) the target has. If your character is aware of a target’s derangement, she can spend a standard action to increase or decrease her Derangement traits by 1 (minimum 0, maximum 3) for an hour. Empathy cannot reduce a Malkavian’s Derangement traits below 1.
You cannot use Empathy on yourself.
To determine if your target has a derangement will be a Social+Empathy, vs your target's Social+Current Willpower.
Then, to determine which derangement it is, it's another check.
Then to add or subtract derangement traits, it's ANOTHER check.

I hope that clears up a couple of things.
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