Amaranth Installation

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Aldona Piast
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Amaranth Installation

Post by Aldona Piast »

Hey folks!

So, some of you have been asking me about this "Amaranth Thing" that has been pulling me away from game recently. (Don't worry, it won't continue to be such a pull, it's just that March/April is Installation season)

So, for those of you who are interested in learning more - or who have ever been curious about Masonic stuff - my Installation is coming up. I'll be getting installed as Associate Royal Matron - basically - Seneschal. Next year I get crowned Royal Matron (Prince).

It's an open ceremony, so anyone is welcome to come and watch and gawk at the symbols and ceremonies and ritual work.
  • Saturday April 25th
    7:30 pm
    Palo Alto Masonic Center - 2nd floor
    461 Florence Street
    Palo Alto, CA 94302-1135
Gentlemen, please no hats.
Ladies, please wear a skirt.

I know that part of Palo Alto is a bit crazy at night, but fear not - there is free parking just across the street in a parking structure.
Christos Magos of the Kings - Sister Melia of the Wanderers

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Re: Amaranth Installation

Post by Evangeline »

That's wonderful! Have a great Installation.

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Re: Amaranth Installation

Post by MattM »

Please note: Amaranth Installation is distinct from the public art piece of the same name. For trademark reasons, the public art piece is now being called the Diablerie Tunnel.

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