To The Community, On Recent Events

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To The Community, On Recent Events

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Hi BAM Community,

I'm aware that some confusion, hurt, and fear may have arisen from encountering recent community events without context. I have (with help from others involved in the original letter) composed a statement with the aim of addressing the information gap, and I encourage you to read it if you have questions. You are also welcome to PM me if you have additional questions. Thanks so much for your time and attention to this. I know this is hard on all of us.

I've linked to a copy of the statement below, but will repeat the text here:

"Over the course of the last five years, several allegations of disturbing and unsafe behavior have been levied against Jonathan Scott. We know of seven such allegations at present, indicating a pattern. Some of these were brought to the staffs of various local games and investigated previously. Scotty was allowed to remain part of each game, in some cases still occupying a leadership position. In one case we are aware of, a complainant experienced harassment from members of the community after making her complaint. We have been told by a second complainant that witnessing that woman’s treatment and lack of support caused her to not report her own incident, fearing similar treatment from community members.

Very recently, some members of the community combined efforts to try again to get these mounting incidents addressed and seek a ban. This movement was not intended to be exclusionary, though for reasons of complainant safety it has remained closed and controlled over the short time it has existed. Secrecy was never the aim, beyond what was needed to maintain complainant anonymity.

There was no single, central organizer for the effort to ban Scotty. A small group of people from multiple LARPs, who were aware of several incidents and were concerned enough to discuss them privately, spontaneously organized themselves into a group intending to collaborate on a formal complaint. The growth of this group was informal and rapid. Our emphasis was on approaching victims and first hand witnesses to offer support if they were ready to come forward. There was no organized effort to exclude any particular person or group.

We understand why staff members have chosen not to give voice to the details of these concerns. Out of respect for the safety and anonymity of those reporting these incidents, we likewise will not share names or further detail. Rest assured that the detailed first hand reports have been sent to game staffs with our initial complaint.

We do not feel that the format of the complaint, the way in which it was shared, shows of solidarity, or anything else to do with HOW we brought these issues to light were inappropriate. Rather, we feel that the impropriety here was in the behavior of Scotty and the multiple failures to address these concerns previously. While you may not agree with this assessment, it is our hope that this statement will serve to offer context for our actions and lay any fears to rest. If you are aware of any harmful impropriety on the part on the complaining group, we are eager to hear and address it. We invite everyone to assist us in creating safer policies, safer procedures, and in working together to protect our shared community." ... sp=sharing
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