What is the forum?

A forum for the Storytelling Staff to give opinions on how the game works.
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What is the forum?

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Greetings and welcome to this forum.

This place is designed to be a place for me (and the rest of staff) to post articles we write about the theory of why we do certain things in gamecraft. I know some of you have interest in why we do some of the things we do, and sometimes there just isn't a good place for me to put my reasoning.

Example topics include my opinion about how certain parts of the setting work, or what I think about the reasoning behind rules.

However, and I want to be crystal clear about this, this forum is not a place for us to post official rules. Reading this forum will explain why we do some things, but it is not required to participate in the game.

I invite you to respond to the topics we post, and to engage in the discussion.
Let me tell you a story....

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