BAM Handsigns!

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BAM Handsigns!

Post by Ralph »

Hey folks,

Here is a quick link to the Handsigns used in BAM with the new system. ... /Handsigns

Thanks to my models for posing for pictures!
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Re: BAM Handsigns!

Post by Corvus Liber »

Is there a hand sign for mist form?
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Re: BAM Handsigns!

Post by Flycatcher »

Not currently. BNS doesn't suggest one, and we didn't have one before.
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Re: BAM Handsigns!

Post by MattM »

Corvus Liber wrote:Is there a hand sign for mist form?
Hold up your hand such that light is faintly glowing through it?

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Re: BAM Handsigns!

Post by Zaage »

I love this wiki page.
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